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The Artist, Mr John Sanders, acknowledges the help and suggestions he has kindly received from his drawings from many pictures, kindly lent by friends and from the excellent engravings in some of the above-named works.
Liverpool – 1889.
This website is designed and produced by Jonathon Wild, a Local Historian from Liverpool. Running a local campaign portfolio under BRAYGREEN, I came across this book gifted to me from my late Uncle’s estate. He (Michel Rogers) grew up in Woolton, Liverpool. A local bellringer at St Peters Woolton, and like me, had a fascination for local history within Liverpool.
Having never seen a copy of this book before, I was amazed to read an original 1889 copy that contains a view of Liverpool’s past, described so well to the reader, and with the additional inscriptions, takes the reader back to an age of Liverpool when the area was less built up and when areas were far more rural than they are now.
I have included the original inscriptions and text as it is found in the book. A fantastic read!
Jonathon Wild, Proprietor, BRAYGREEN -

This little book was intended in the first instance merely to advertise a Sale of Work, called ‘Old Liverpool’, in aid of St Barnabas’ Church. It was thought however that it might serve a more useful purpose if issued as a brief history containing interesting and reliable information about the Liverpool of by-gone days.
The Author, the Rev. Richard Postance, is indebted for many of the related facts, to Herdman’s ‘Ancient Liverpool’, Picton’s ‘Memorials’, Enfield’s ‘Liverpool’, Brooke’s ‘Ancient Liverpool’, ‘The Streets of Liverpool’ by James Stonehouse, Dr. Blower’s ‘Mersey Ancient and Modern’ etc.




OLD LIVERPOOL - Written in Manuscript by the REV RICHARD POSTANCE, M.A - Illustrations by John Sanders



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